Phatik Chand

Low Res (320x240): Free
SD (640x480): 33 credits
104 min
Bangla / Bengali
Release Date
Sandip Ray
Music Director
Satyajit Ray
Rajiv Gangopadhyay, Kamu, Tarun Mitra, Ashok Mukhopadhyay, Amal
Channel Eight

Mystery-drama about a botched kidnapping of a Calcutta schoolboy and his relationships and adventure

Poster of Bengali film Phatik Chand. Watch online free in low resolution - LRV (320x240)

104 min


Bangla / Bengali

Release Date

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An 11 year old boy named Bablu (Rajib Ganguly), son of an affluent and aristocratic advocate (Haradhan Bannerjee), is kidnapped by Shyamlal's gang. The car carrying Babul has an accident; two of the gangsters are killed and Babul is left for dead by the others.

Bablu regains consciousness and discovers that he has lost his memory. He soon meets a wandering street juggler (Kamu Mukherjee), Harun-Al -Rashid, the self proclaimed badshah of juggling, who suspects something amiss. Bablu tells him that his name is Phatik Chand from ‘Phatik Chandra Paul & Sons’, a name he had seen on a calendar earlier in the day. Harun, though not convinced, follows his carefree instincts to take care of Bablu.

Harun organizes a day job for Bablu as a serving boy in a tea café. During the weekends Bablu acts as assistant to Harun, who juggles at the maidan (Central Green at Kolkata) to earn his living. Bablu happily helps him works like an assistant to him. Gradually their bond grows stronger. One day Shyamlal visits the tea café Bablu works at and plans to kidnapping Phatik Chand / Babul again. They stalk the boy attack him at maidan but Harun manages to fend them off. Bablu regains his lost memory as a result of the attack.

In the meantime Bablu’s dad, impatient with the police inactivity, announces a cash reward. When Harun arrives to his posh mansion, Bablu’s dad is furious to learn that Bablu was made to do menial work. Disgruntled, he calls Harun as selfish and greedy. Harun, hurt and insulted, leaves the house. Later the advocate repents his harshness, realises his error and sends Bablu to handover the reward to Harun.

Bablu somehow he makes it to Howrah station and catches up with Harun as he is about to leave for Chennai to join a circus. Bbaul offers Harun the cheque but Harun refuses to accept, saying that he cannot accept money for looking after Babul, who his considers his little brother. He asks Bablu to look out for the circus to arrive at Kolkata and gives Ba

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